Top 10 Homesteaders To Follow In 2020

Apr 22, 2020 | Homesteading

Homesteading is an amazing lifestyle that so many people are interested in these days. 

The journey of homesteading is rewarding but also requires a lot of learning and growing. Having friends and mentors in your community is so valuable for homesteaders of all experience levels, but especially for those just starting out. 

Since homesteading encompasses so many areas of expertise it is great to have an online community to learn different homesteading skills from. 

Here are 10 top homesteaders to learn from to develop your skills this year! 

These are the people that I look to for expertise and advice on everything from chicken feed to handmade soap. I personally follow each of these blogs and Youtube channels regularly for the various information and experience that they share.

Top 10 homesteaders to follow in 2020:

Jill at The Prairie Homestead is a seasoned homesteader who provides in depth knowledge on her blog and Youtube channel.  If you have spent any time in the online homesteading community you are sure to have come across her site which is a great resource for all things farmhouse cooking, farming and old fashioned skills. The Prairie Homestead is my go to blog for learning how to can food at home.  I love how beautiful and informative all of her content is. 

Arielle and Eric of Simple Living Alaska are a couple living off grid in an Alaskian cabin, sharing their daily experiences of homesteading and living off of the land. This Youtube channel is a great resource for learning to garden, butcher meat, live off grid and much more. Their relaxed style of videos makes it feel like learning from a friend, which is why this is one of my go to homesteading channels. 

Lisa from the Farmhouse On Boone blog and Youtube channel is an experienced farmhouse cook and creator. Lisa produces beautiful tutorials, recipes and sewing projects that get you excited for making things from scratch.  Although she has only recently started her homestead, she shares valuable information for those looking to create a handmade home.

Justin Rhodes shares his extensive homesteading knowledge and experience on his widely popular Youtube channel. Justin is an expert in permaculture and is my go to for chicken information. His education and experience contributes to his success in homesteading and teaching others homesteading skills.

5. Homesteading Family

Josh and Carolyn of the Youtube channel and blog Homesteading Family are experienced homesteaders. Their family helps other families grow their own food, preserve it for the future, and thrive in a life of self sufficiency. They provide many resources for learning homesteading skills. I took Carolyn’s bread making course and still refer back to it every time I bake bread.  

6.  Practical Self Reliance

Ashley from the blog Practical Self Reliance is an off grid homesteader who shares with others practical ways to become self reliant.  Foraging in nature is Ashley’s expertise, which is why this is my go to blog for learning to forage for resources. Ashley also uses her experience to share information on living off grid, preserving food, permaculture growing and much more.   

Kris of the blog Attainable Sustainable is a homesteader in Hawaii who shares with others skills for taking steps to become more sustainable. On this blog there is a lot of valuable gardening information, although her climate is different from mine I still learn from what she shares. If you are interested in an urban homestead Attainable Sustainable is a great resource for you.

Melissa K Norris shares her experience and knowledge of small scale homesteading on her blog and Youtube channel. She teaches others how to grow their own food no matter the size of land they have. Her homestead is only a few acres but she produces and preserves food for her family. This blog and channel is a great resource for making the most of your space, and learning to grow and make more things yourself at home.

Danielle from the blog The Rustic Elk is a one acre homesteader who helps people become more self-sufficient no matter where they live. She shares information on homesteading, raising livestock, gardening and more. I enjoy visiting her blog for her wild game recipes and other great homesteading skills that she shares.

Chelsea from Little Mountain Ranch Youtube channel is a dedicated homesteader and mother of 11 children. On her channel she shares lessons learned and experiences of daily life on a working ranch and homestead in Canada. I love her friendly way of sharing about food storage for her large family, gardening, bees, cattle and much more.  

Have I missed anyone? 

If you have another top homesteader in mind let us know in the comments so others can learn from them too!

I hope that this list has helped guide you to people to learn from on your homesteading journey.



  1. Charles D Johnson

    The Alaska great frontier. Great show been on Discovery channel



  2. Melissa

    Art and Bri, Sow the Land, The Holland homestead, Roots and refuge

    • Maggie

      Great suggestions, thanks for sharing!

  3. Janice Hebert

    Living Traditions Homestead, Lumnah Acres are both great channels!

  4. Nick

    Left off a great off grid series…Boss of the Swamp.


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