Handmade Star Christmas Ornaments

Dec 18, 2019 | Handmade

Learn how to make DIY star ornaments to add a farmhouse feel to your Christmas tree this year!  I love making these because they are quick, easy, and a great way to take something old and make something beautiful and new.

Since these ornaments are made from old tea towels they cost very little and can often be made from materials found around the house.

These handmade ornaments are great if you are looking to add a farmhouse style to your Christmas décor or are looking for a simple handmade gift idea.


  • Tea towel (or other fabric)
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Stuffing
  • Twine (or ribbon)
  • Star template
  • Sewing machine (optional)


    Step 1 – Cut out star template

    To make a star pattern you could trace a cookie cutter or print one from online.

    Last year I tried cutting out the stars free hand and quickly realized a star is a hard shape to get right. So, this time I traced a star onto paper and cut it out for a template

    Step 2 – Cut out fabric stars

    For this step you will need to cut out 2 stars for every 1 ornament. To save time I just doubled up my fabric and cut out the star once.


    • Quick tip: It is important to leave some extra space around the template as you cut so that you have room to sew.  I left ¼ – ½ inch around the star as I cut. If you do not leave some extra space your star could end up being smaller than you want. 

    Step 3 – Sew around edges

    Once the stars are cut out, pin them together, and sew around the edges leave a ¼ – ½ inch margin.

    When pinning your ornament together make sure that the good sides of the fabric are facing out, since this is the side you will see in the end.

    Also, it is important not to sew one edge of the star so there is a space to stuff the ornament.

    • Quick tip: To give the star crisp points at each corner put your needle down into the fabric, lift the pressor foot, pivot the star, then put the pressor foot back down and keep sewing to the next point.


    Step 4 – Stuff & Sew gap

    For this DIY I used Classic Fiber Fill from Michaels that was left over from another project. You could use any type of stuffing that you have on hand, even fluffed cotton balls would work.

    Stuff the stars with your filling until it is nice and plump. You may need to use a knitting needle to help push the stuffing into the tips. 

    Once the star is filled sew the gap shut.

    Step 5 – Attach twine

    Lastly make a loop with the twine, or ribbon and attach it to a point so your ornament can hang nicely on your tree.

    I used about 5-6 inches of twine, doubled it over, and made a knot an inch from the bottom. Then I chose a point of the star for the top and sewed on the twine loop. 

    To make the sewing less visible use a color of thread that matches your fabric and start sewing on the back side of the star


    Finally, trim off any threads and your ornament is ready for the tree or a gift box!

    I hope you enjoy making your own re-purposed farmhouse style Christmas ornaments.  This year I will be giving mine as a gift to my mother, as she has already begun asking for some!

    Merry Christmas and happy creating!



    1. Susan Gilmore

      I love star ornaments! These are so sweet.

      • mbrewer3

        Thanks so much Sue!


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