Campfire Omelette

Feb 4, 2021 | Farmhouse Food

Campfire omelettes are a quick, easy and delicious breakfast to make over the fire!

This omelettes recipe makes a great campfire meal since it only has 3 ingredients: eggs, salsa and cheese. I love using salsa as the omelette filler because it contains many of the classic omelette ingredients like peppers, onions and tomatoes, but with salsa all the chopping and prep is done!

If you want to get a little more fancy you can add other ingredients to your omelette such as  mushrooms, spinach, ham, potatoes or anything you want! Next time I am going to try adding some of our homemade maple sausage.

When adding other ingredients, especially meat, I recommend frying them up in the pan first, putting them on a plate, then adding them back into the omelette once the egg has partially cooked. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe and have fun making omelettes out over the campfire with family and friends! 

Tips For Cooking Omelettes On The Fire

  • When packing up the ingredients for the campfire I crack my eggs into a container, add some salt and pepper, then whisk it together. This eliminates the risk of breaking an egg in my bag and any fireside prep.  I also grate the cheese into a container so it is all ready to go once I start cooking.
  • My favourite way of cooking an omelette over the fire is in a cast iron pan on a grill. There are many types of campfire grills, I just lay my grill on top of my bonfire pit. If you don’t have a cast iron pan be sure to use something without a plastic handle, as it could melt over the fire. 
  • You want the fire to be hot, but not blazing. I get a good fire going then let it die down a bit before starting.  When you put the butter in it should sizzle but not turn brown quickly. If the pan is getting too hot move it to the edge of the grill and let the fire die down a bit.
  • If you do not have a grill you can just put the pan straight on the coals of the fire. Let fire die down or pull some hot coals out and set the pan on them.
campfire breakfast

Campfire Omelette Ingredients

5 eggs (or as many as you want)



1 Tbsp Butter

Salt and Pepper

Omelette Campfire Cooking Directions

1.  At home: Crack eggs into a container and whisk with salt and pepper. Grate cheese into a container. 

2.  Put your pan over the fire to warm up.

3.  Add approximately 1 Tbsp of butter, or enough to coat the pan.

4.  Heat the butter until it melts. 

5. Pour eggs into the pan and let cook. 

6. Once the edges are cooked pour in some salsa. 

7. When the omelette is almost cooked add the cheese on top. 

8. Flip the omelette in half, over itself. 

9.  Allow the omelette to finish cooking then remove it from the pan and enjoy!


campfire omelette
campfire omelette

That is it! Enjoy this quick, warm and cheesy breakfast around the fire while camping out with friends and family. 

I hope you have enjoyed this campfire cooking recipe and it inspires you to get creative and make some tasty meals while camping this season! 

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