Bannock Bites – Campfire Dessert

Feb 4, 2021 | Farmhouse Food

Bannock bites are a fun and oh so tasty treat to make over the campfire! 

The homemade bannock dough for this recipe is flavourful, easy to make, and can be whipped together with pantry staples. This quick dessert has become a go to for me to make over the fire while camping, and even at home for a warm treat on a cold night. 

I made bannock bites for the first time when experimenting with my bannock recipe. I wanted to make a little test piece so I fried it in butter and quickly realized they were delicious, especially tossed in cinnamon and sugar!  This is one of my favourite kitchen creations, and they are perfect for cooking over the campfire. 

I usually make the bannock dough ahead of time and store it in the fridge until I head out to the woods. However, you could mix the dry ingredients ahead of time and just add the water at the campfire.  I have found this dough to be very easy to work with, it has even froze on me while outside in winter and still tasted great! 

I hope you enjoy this recipe and have fun making them out over the campfire with family and friends! 


Tips For Making Bannock Bites

Making bannock bites is pretty simple, all you need is the dough, a frying pan, some butter, cinnamon and sugar, and of course a campfire. 

Well, you don’t need a campfire they could be cooked on a stove but this recipe is all about outdoor cooking.  The best way I have found to cook bannock bites over a fire is in a cast iron pan on a grill.  There are many types of campfire grills, I just lay my grill on top on my bonfire pit. If you are at a campground something like this will often be on the site. 

I find a cast iron frying pan best for this, but any pan or wide pot that can be used over a fire will work. Avoid any pans with plastic handles since the fire could melt them. 

You want the fire to be hot, but not blazing. I get a good fire going then let it die down a bit before starting.  When you put the butter in it should sizzle but not turn brown quickly. If the pan is getting too hot move it to the edge of the grill and let the fire die down a bit. If the butter does not sizzle get the fire burning hotter. 

Keep a close eye on the bannock bites, they cook quickly and you want to turn them while they are golden.  


bannock bites

Campfire Bannock Bites Ingredients

Bannock (This is my simple recipe)


White sugar


Bannock Bites Campfire Cooking Directions

1. Put your pan over the fire to warm up.

2. Add approximately 1 – 2 Tbsp of butter, or enough to coat the pan with some pooling. 

3.  Heat the butter until it sizzles. 

4. Take a small piece of bannock dough and form it into a flat disk, about 1/4 inch thick.  If you have the dough too thick it will take longer to cook.

5. Place the dough in the butter and let cook for 1-2 minutes or until golden brown.

6. Once the underside is golden brown flip the bannock bite.

7. When the other side is golden,  after 1-2 minutes, remove it from the pan.

8. Immediately toss the bannock bite in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. 

9. Enjoy! Bannock bites are best when eaten warm from the pan. 


bannock dessert recipe
bannock dessert
bannock recipe

That is it! Enjoy the crunchy outside and warm soft middle of these sweet bannock bites. 

They are a great campfire snack to share with friends, although once you eat one it is hard not to finish off the whole batch.  These little treats are so delicious you will want to make them a camping tradition. 

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