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Getting back to the land one step at a time – getting into nature, making things yourself and starting your homesteading journey.

Hey I’m Maggie!

Welcome to Back to the Land Living, a place where I love sharing handmade projects, hardy farmhouse recipes, and lessons from starting a homestead with others, like you, who are wanting to get back to the land.

Whether you are living on your dream property in the country or are in a city apartment there are so many ways you can get back to the land with your life and enjoy each step of the way.

My husband Eric and I were married at the end of the summer in 2017.  We were both born and raised outside a small city on the East Coast of Canada. Two days after being married we packed up our little car and drove across the country to get a taste of western life. We had an amazing time, with many adventures in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, however we missed home and the connection we had to the land here.  We wanted to pick food from the forest, have our garden in the backyard, raise livestock, learn from the older and wiser members of our community, and really begin our homesteading journey.

Now we are as close to farm living as you can get, literally!

We live in the barn on my parent’s hobby farm in New Brunswick, Canada.  Fortunately, we aren’t living in one of the stalls, we have a little loft apartment beside the hayloft. It isn’t fancy but it is a perfect place for us to live as we start out as homesteaders.

I wouldn’t consider myself a full fledge homesteader, however my husband and I take every opportunity to get back to the land with our life. We dream to one day have our own piece of land that we can work to support ourselves. For the time being, we are making the most of the place we are at now and are learning the skills we will one day need to run our homestead.

Our Community

I am not striving to be self-sufficient, however I do want to be community sufficient. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be able to produce my own food and live off our land, but I think this requires a community.

Having a local community that I can exchange information and goods with is essential for homesteading.  For instance, I get to learn to preserve food from the senior women in my community, who know tips and tricks from years of experience. As well, I can pick raspberries at my neighbours and we can give our surplus rhubarb to others.

I know that not everyone has a friend up the road who can show them how to can pickles, sew a quilt, or cull chickens, which is why having access to an online community of homesteaders is so great!

This blog, and many others, allow us to have an online community to learn skills from and share information with.  Here you can learn with me the skills for getting back to the land with your life, and share lessons you have learned with us too!

A bit about me 


I have loved animals my whole life and have always dreamed of living on a farm. At age 17 I got my wish, when my family moved to the country to start a hobby farm on 100 acres.  

I am a christian and love living my life with Jesus.  We get to live the best life possible by trusting in God at all times and living a life complete in Him.

I studied environmental management in university because I wanted to learn how to take care of the land God has given us.

I enjoy creating things myself. I like to sew, paint, do leather work, woodworking, and pretty much anything else I can make by hand. I do not like buying something if I think that I can make it.

 I love making food with homegrown and local ingredients.  I like trying new things in the kitchen, which my husband is very kind and gracious about. 

I find plants really interesting, and like knowing the plants in the forest, their properties, and foraging for wild plants to eat.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I hope you will follow along with all of our homemade projects, farmhouse recipes, homesteading  tutorials and life of getting back to the land.  Check out some of my most recent posts:

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